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The Microsystem Network

About the Network

The participation in the network is voluntary and based on the participants ambitions to contribute to spread and growth of the knowledge about clinical microsystems. They are active as healthcare practitioners and as researchers, and there is a solid link between science and practice in the community. During the Microsystem week the network arranges The Microsystem Festival with a focus on practice and experiences from improvement work in health care around the world, and a Scientific day, with the ambition to highlight the last research with interesting connections to the knowledge of clinical Microsystems.

Aim of the Network:
To become a meeting place and to provide resources, tools, methods, support and guidance to those interested in applying clinical microsystem thinking to their own healthcare setting.

Connection point:
The Network is for a start administrated from Qulturum, Region Jönköping County in Sweden. Qulturum is a unit for improvements in healthcare within Jönköping county and Sweden as a whole; and in partnership with improvement work done in USA.

The Network started March 1-2 2004 in Jönköping Sweden, with six countries in Europe and eight Swedish County Councils and the Federation of Swedish County councils. In 2005 the Network increased to eight countries in Europe. In 2006 we were nine countries. And we hope to grow for every year that comes...

If you want to know more about microsystems, please contact:

Marjorie Godfrey, USA

Christian von Plessen, Denmark




Göran Henriks

Pernilla Söderberg

The Clinical Micorystem Network

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