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National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders

The National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders is a department at the Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education in Jönköping, Sweden. Since 1999 we have the status of a national resource centre for rare oral conditions. The specialist clinics at the Institute form the basis of our multiprofessional team.

Our focus is

  • consultation and information about rare conditions
  • diagnosis and investigation in rare conditions
  • treatment planning of oral habilitation/rehabilitation in rare conditions
  • evaluation of treatment outcomes of habilitation/rehabilitation in rare conditions
  • research and development
  • education.

We provide consultation and information free of charge for

  • individuals with rare conditions
  • dental health personnel
  • health professionals
  • patient organisations.


We collaborate with

The Institute

Contact us

Postal address:
National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders
The Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education
P.O. Box 1030
SE-551 11 Jönköping

Visiting address:
Hermansvägen 5, SE-554 53 Jönköping

Phone: +46 (0)10-242 46 66


  • Senior consultant, specialist in paediatric dentristry
    Johanna Norderyd
  • Senior consultant, specialist in prosthetic dentistry
    Pernilla Holmberg
  • Dental nurse, coordinator
    Annica Krogell
  • Medical secretary
    Anna Thofelt

More information

Advice for rare disorders

Links to the other departments

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