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The Microsystem Festival
– Documentation


Documentation 2017

February 28 - Pre-Festival Day

March 1 - The Microsystemfestival - Day 1

Keynote I: Perspective
Presenter: Göran Henriks (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

New Leadership skills, coaching and communication (pdf)
Presenters: Maren Batalden (Cambridge Health Alliance, US) and Marjorie Godfrey (the Darthmouth Institute, US)

Learning perspective; Together for better health and equal care (pdf)
Aim To improve physical health among people with severe mental illness (pdf)
Chronic disease (pdf)
Design team, supporting Flippen health centres (pdf)
Health cafe (pdf)
Mobile teams Care coordination (pdf)

Presenters: Anette Nilsson and Susanne Lundblad (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Change Leadership (pdf)
Presenters: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK) and Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Resilience in everyday healthcare. How to improve the potentials for resilient performance (pdf)
Learning abilities (pdf)
Presenters: Christian von Plessen (Centre for Quality of the Southern Region of Denmark) and Erik Hollnagel (University of Southern, Denmark) Axel Ros and Berit Axelsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Exploring the refugees perspective on health (pdf)
Presenters: Jesper Ekberg and Margareta Strindhall (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Keynote II
Beyond IT - Healthcare in a digital world (pdf)
Presenter: Anders Ekholm (Institute for Futures Studies, Sweden)

March 2 - The Microsystem Festival - Day 2


From narrative to clinical learning network (pdf)
Patient experience of personcentred ward round (pdf)
Transforming patients narrative to lead the way for learning networks (pdf)
Presenters: Martin Rejler, Christina Petersson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) Valdemar Erling, Maria Olsson and Maria Skalsky (Region Västra Götaland, Kungälv Hospital)

Together for optimal health and equal care from a Leadership perspective (pdf)
Presenters: Anette Nilsson and Mats Bojestig (Region Jönköping county, Sweden)

Three nights of much better sleep: the Diagnostic Virtual Ward means patients do not have to stay in hospital for one final test (pdf)
Presenter: Stefan Williams (AHSN Improvement Academy, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

PRASE - Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment (pdf)
Presenter: Sally-Anne Wilson (Improvement Academy, AHSN Yorkshire & Humber, England)

Hand in hand - patient partnership and healthcare quality improvement (pdf)
Presenters: Helena Hvitfeldt (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) and Cristin Lind (QRC Stockholm, Sweden)

Patient as a partner the Gouda experience part III (pdf)
Presenter: Lia Donkers (Transmural Network, Netherlands)

Improving Safety in Care Homes - The journey so far (pdf)
Presenters: Abimbola Olusoga, Stefan Williams (AHSN Improvement Academy, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

Patient Safety in Everyday Work  Learning from Things that go right (pdf)
Presenter: Jeanette Hounsgaard (Centre of Quality, Denmark)

Scottish Patient Safety Programme - life of a fictional character
Presenters: Lisa Carter (NHS Lothian, Scotland), Rosie Cooper (NHS Grampian, Scotland) and Yvonne Moulds (NHS Ayrshire and Aran, Scotland)

Developing Managers to Lead Health Care Transformation at the Front Line of Care in the Microsystem (pdf)
Presenter: Gay Landström (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system, US)

Keynote III: Modern innovation perspectives in complex systems (pdf)
Presenters: Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) and Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK)

CO-production of healthcare. What, why and how. Perspectives from a dialogue seminar in Denmark (pdf)
Presenters: Christian von Plessen (Centre for Quality of the Southern Region of Denmark) and Anne Nicolaisen 

Person Centered Process mapping. PCP - and interactive workshop (pdf)
Presenters: Marie Bergeling and Maria Malmström (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

From inpatient to outpatient surgery (pdf)
Presenter: Ingrid Erlandsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Ward rounds - a genetic concept for all Wards (pdf) 
Presenter: Mette Mollerup (Odense University Hospital, Denmark)

Creating Collaborative Practice in Primary Care in the UK (pdf)
Presenter: Helena Hughes (Altogether Better, UK)

Proactive Care Within Communities - An new model of care to manage populationhealth and wellbeing needs
Presenter: Natalie Leach (Leeds South & East CCG, UK)

Perspective on organisational cultural change - an example of successful sustainable improvement (pdf)
Presenters: Nicola Platts, Kevin Firth and Tim Sands (Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy, England)

Seamless Surgery
Presenters: Tim Sands and Nicola Platts (Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy, England)

Impact of diabetes education in Diabetes School on the course of type 1 diabetes
Presenter: Yelena Aghajanova (Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia)

Perspectives on eHealth in the microsystem (pdf)
Presenters: Viktoria Loo Skyman (Famna, Sweden) and Charlotta Stenberg (Stiftelsen Bräcke Diakoni, Sweden)

Keynote IV: Perspective, ending of the Festival


March 3 - Scientific Day

Welcome(pdf) Boel Andersson Gäre

Perspectives on Measurement for Improvement (pdf) Tom Woodcock, Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow at Imperial College London, UK

Coproducing better health outcomes (pdf) Maren Batalden, Cambridge Health Alliance, US

Practices as sociomaterial entanglements (pdf) Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren, Linköping University

Theme 1:

Changing perspective to a Predictive approach (pdf) Dennis Nordvall, Region Jönköping County, Sweden

Health Care Quality Assessment And Improvement In University Clinics (pdf) Lusine Danielyan, Yerevan State Medical Univeristy, Armenia)

Incident reporting of safety risks and injuries (pdf) Charlotte Wåhlin, Region Östergötland County, Sweden

Patient Safety in Everyday Work (pdf) Jeanette Hounsgaard Region Syddanmark, Denmark

Theme 2:

One patient one responsible consultant (pdf) Lene von Bülow, Centre of Quality, Denmark

Optimising the care process for children with developmental problems (pdf) Anna Sarkadi, Vinnvård fellow


Ward rounds a generic concept (pdf) Mette Mollerup, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Theme 3:

What Is Best For Esther (pdf) Nicoline Vackerberg, Region Jönköping County, Sweden

Perspective on network based improvement (pdf) Christina Pettersson, Region Jönköping County, Sweden

Uncovering actionable opportunities (pdf) Robert Kristiansson

Theme 4:

The Alternate Care Environment (pdf) Ali N. Damji, medical student University of Toronto, Canada

Co-creation (pdf) Christina Evaldsson

Focusing on predicting the probable (pdf) Ulrika Stefansson, Region Jönköping County, Sweden) 


Documentation 2016

March 1 - Pre-Festival Day

  • A Coaching hike

Coaching Hike - It's all about people (pdf)
Presenters: Nicoline Vackerberg and Anette Nilsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

The View From the Coaching Catwalk (pdf)
Presenter: Marjorie Godfrey (The Dartmouth Institute and Jönköping Academy)

Article: What constitutes evidence-based coaching? A two-by-two framework for distinguishing
strong from weak evidence for coaching (pdf)

  • Study visits/Co-learning

March 2 - The Microsystem Festival Day 1

Opening of the 13th Clinical Microsystem Festival (pdf)
Presenter: Annika Nordin (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Keynote I: It's all about people (pdf)
Presenter: Göran Henriks (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Block A


The Digital Patient and the Digital Employee – learned, prepared, committed and on-line

The engaged (digital) patient (pdf)
Presenters:  Marita Rydå and Eva Allemark (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

The Learned and Prepared Patient (pdf)
Presenters: Sofia Karlsson and Maria Ingebrigtsen (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

eHealth in Sweden Today (pdf)
Presenter: Sven-Åke Svensson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

The Digital Patient is here (pdf)
Presenter: Sven-Åke Svensson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

The Digital Employee - Mooc, SA, Metodikum (pdf)
Presenter: Rolf Bardon (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Personcentered care – a need for new roles!

Person centered care – takes us to another level (pdf)
Presenter: Micael Edblom¨(Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Personcentered care – a need for new roles! (pdf)
Presenters: Annica Sköld Landberg, Eje Grennborg, Jenny Rejnefelt Matisic, Joakim Edvinsson, Malin Skreding Hallgren, Rodrigo Souza, Annmargreth Kvarnefors, Micael Edblom, Patrik Blomqvist (Region Jönköping County, Sweden


Signed Sealed Delivered (pdf)
Presenters: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK) and Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Health for life! (pdf)
Presenters: Jesper Ekberg and Anette Nilsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Keynote II: Radical Individualism and Social Trust: (pdf) 
The Paradoxes of Nordic Society in a Comparative Perspective
Presenter: Lars Trägårdh (Ersta Sköndal, Sweden)

March 3 - The Microsystem Festival Day 2

Block B


The ward round as a part of a learning health care system (pdf)
Presenter: Martin Rejler (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Safer healthcare: strategies for the real world (pdf)
Presenter: Charles Vincent (University of Oxford, UK)


People power - Improving inpatient care at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (pdf)
Presenters: Steve Harrison and Jennifer Hill (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK)

Building the Houses of Leeds – Using the House of Care as the framework for supporting self management of long term conditions (pdf)
Presenters: Lucy Jackson and Diane Burke (Leeds City Council, UK)


People make the difference – Esther coaches as ambassadors for change (pdf)
Presenters: Anna Carlbom (Tranås Municipality, Sweden) and Kajsa Radonich (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Developing the role of primary care based Clinical Care Coordinators (CCC) to improve the care to people over 75s by enhancing pro-active case management – a community of practice (pdf)
Presenters: Karen Newboult (NHS Leeds West CCG, UK) and Sarah De Biase (Improvement Academy Yorkshire and Humber, UK)


Patients as People – Person-Centred Care Beyond the Clinic, Ward, Care Home or Carer (pdf)
Presenters: Rod Kersh (NHS Foundation Trust, UK) and Helen Sanderson (Helen Sanderson Associates, UK)

It's all about people - but how do we meet and treat each other? (pdf)
Presenter: Malin Skreding Hallgren (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Folkslab (pdf)
Presenters: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK) and Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Keynote III: Ung Cancer (Young Cancer)
Presenter: Erik Fransson (Ung Cancer, Sweden)

Block C



The scale-invariance of resilience: micro, meso, macro (pdf)
Presenter: Erik Hollnagel (Regional Health Research, University of Southern, Denmark)


Spirit in Mind: Healthcare and faith partnerships at the heart of community wellbeing (pdf)
Presenter: Mike Gartland (NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

Collaboration within Odontology of people with head and neck cancer (pdf)
Presenter: Carl-Otto Brahm (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Better people better care (pdf)
Presenters: Eugene Fidelis Soh, David Dhevarajulu, Hon Tym Wong (Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore)


Patient as Partner, the Gouda experience II (pdf)
Presenters: Renée van Haastert (Groene Hart Hospital, Netherlands) and Lia Donkers (Transmural Network, Netherlands)

An Italian psychiatric system focused on the empowerment of users and families. Users engagement and service co-production in the Mental Health Department of Trento (pdf)
Presenter: Emanuele Torri (Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari della Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Italy)


Dementia & Delirium in Doncaster (pdf)
Presenter: Rod Kersh (NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare: Securing improvement together, through innovation, co-production, systems thinking and measurement (pdf)
Presenter: Manjit Purewal (NHS Leeds North CCG, UK)


Beyond the technical: the importance of relational strategies in microsystem improvement (pdf)
Presenter: Katherine Stevenson (Jönköping Academy, Sweden)


Being a microsystem change agent takes personal resilience (pdf)
Presenter: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK)

Keynote IV: It's all about people, ending of the Festival (pdf)
Presenter: Annika Nordin and Malin Skreding Hallgren (Qulturum, Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

March 4 - Scientific Day

Welcome (pdf)
Boel Andersson Gäre (Region Jönköping County,
Jönköping Academy, Sweden)

Safety measurement and monitoring in healthcare (pdf)
Lecturer: Charles Vincent (University of Oxford, UK)

Is counting accidents a measure of safety? (pdf)                     
Lecturer: Erik Hollnagel (Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark)

From evaluation to re-valuation: determining the value of a social movement approach to improvement (pdf)
Lecturer: Helen Bevan (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, UK)

Physicians' engagement: qualitative studies exploring physicians' experiences of engaging in improving clinical services and processes (pdf) 
Lecturer: Fredrik Bååthe (Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden)

Relational Coordination and Patterns in the Clinical Microsystem (pdf)
 Tina Foster (The Dartmouth Institute, USA)

Parallel workshops on the themes presented in the morning. The sessions will start with presentations followed by chair led dialogues with the participants.

Theme 1: How can we know that we are safe?  
Moderator: Axel Ros (Region Jönköping County, Sweden and Mirjam Ekstedt (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Theme 2: Patient perspective, co-design and learning as means to improve health care
Helen Bevan, NHS, UK

Theme 3: The ward round system as part of a learning health care system
Moderator: Martin Rejler (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) (pdf)

Theme 4: Coaching and Improvement


Documentation 2015


February 24 - Pre-Festival Day

  • Coaching – Work Out

What is Coaching and the Basics? (pdf)
Presenters: Marjorie Godfrey (The Dartmouth Institute, USA) and Anette Nilsson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Integrating practical coaching tools and emotional driving forces (pdf)
Presenter: Nicoline Vackerberg (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Group Dynamite or Dynamic? It's all about people! (pdf)
Presenter: Malin Skreding Hallgren (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

  • Study visits
  • Basic knowledge of microsystems

Basic knowledge of microsystems (pdf)
Presenters: Berit Axelsson and Pernilla Söderberg (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


February 25 - The Microsystem Festival Day 1

Keynote I:
Integration (pdf)
Presenter: Göran Henriks, Qulturum,
Region Jönköping County, Sweden

How to achieve Patient Empowerment – The power of storytelling (pdf)
Presenters: Anette Nilsson, Elsa Ingesson och Anette Peterson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) and Lars Midboe and Eva Westerling (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden)

Being a healthcare radical in a microsystem: a bootcamp for microsystem change activists (pdf)
Presenter: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK)

Integration of Patient Safety in our Daily Work (pdf)
Presenter: Maxine Power (Salford Royal NHS | Haelo, UK)

Quality by design – how the Microsystem approach helps you transform the health care system (pdf)
Presenters: Marjorie Godfrey and Eugene Nelson (The Dartmouth Institute, USA)

Taking action to create health! (pdf)
Presenters: Amy Compton-Phillips (Kaiser Permanente, USA), Jesper Ekberg and Marit Eriksson (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Keynote II:
IKEA – integration as part of the concept (pdf)
Presenter: Anders Ledhagen (IKEA, Sweden) 

February 26 - The Microsystem Festival Day 2

Handovers and Wardrounds – microsystems in service of the patient?! A presentation of Swedish and International experiences

Wardround prelude (pdf)
Presenter: Jörgen Tholstrup (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

A considerative checklist (pdf)
Presenter: Gordon Caldwell (National Health Service, UK)
Presenter: Valdemar Erling (Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden)

Moderator: Martin Rejler (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Reflection in action: A fishbowl dialogue on the reflection of practical work and the practice of integration in health care
Presenter: Christian von Plessen (Nordsjællands Hospital, Denmark)

The FolksLab (the Peoples' Laboratory)
Presenters: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK) and Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

New Skills and competences (pdf)
Presenters: Britt-Mari Banck and Patrik Blomqvist (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Empowering patients to manage their conditions through peer support. NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group (UK) (pdf)
Presenters: Mark Fuller, Chris Bridle (NHS Leeds West CCG, UK) and Tricia McKinney, Patient Representative

Effect of a "discharge to assess" Geriatrician led Virtual ward promoting integration of services on rates of discharge (pdf)
Presenter: Emma Ryland (Yorkshire and Humber's Improvement Academy, UK)

Improving wound care through consistent expert advice and mobile technology (pdf)
Presenters: Lisa Hilder (North East Lincolnshire CCG, UK) and Roger Young (LongHand Data, UK)

The Burdett Falls Project: Transforming a fragmented citywide falls service into a coherent, patient centred resource (pdf)
Presenters: Judith Palfreyman, Sue Hunter and Adele Eckhardt (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

The CHANGE Room - Mesosystem Respiratory Inpatient Care Redesign at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (pdf)
Presenters: Steve Harrison and Jennifer Hill (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK)

Health Coaching for Complex Patients with Diabetes – a report from the High Value Healthcare Collaborative (pdf)
Presenters: Brooke Herndon, Inger Imset, Andrea Z-Covey, Belinda Ray and Susan Berg (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, USA)

Co-design of diabetes services in the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (VoYCCG)locality (pdf)
Presenter: Andrew Bucklee (Vale of York Clinical Commissiong Group, UK)

Keynote III:

Integration of a new way of report via film (pdf)
Presenter: Maxine Power (Salford Royal NHS | Haelo, UK)

Why so Slow. Spreading success for leaders (pdf)
Presenters: Amy Compton-Phillips (Kaiser Permanente, USA) and Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

See Esther! Benefits of integrating the whole person in care and integrating social, medical and health care (pdf)
Presenters: Anna Carlbom (Tranås Municipality, Sweden) and Nicoline Vackerberg (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Innovative Integrated Health and Social Care Hub; Priory Medical Group, York (pdf)
Presenters: Fiona Bell (Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group, UK) and Lesley Godfrey (Priory Medical Group, UK)

Micro-Culture within organizations. What is it and how does it matter? (pdf)
Presenter: Makani Hemadri (Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

Patient as Partner, the Gouda experience (pdf)
Presenters: Renée van Haastert (Groene Hart Hospital, Netherlands) and Lia Donkers (Transmural Network, Netherlands)

The Sound of Music: When Health, Social Care and Youth Justice Harmonise (pdf)
Presenters: Paula Phillips and Abdullah Kraam (South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK)

Coaching for Recovery (pdf)
Microsystem Grows Mesosystem Innovative Approaches to Mental Health in the UK (pdf)
Presenters: Anna Burhouse (2gether NHS Foundation Trust, UK) and Anita Hayes (NHS Improving Quality, UK)

To "in-reach" or "out-reach" that is the question? (pdf)
Presenter: Chiquita Hansen (MidCentral District Health Board/Central PHO, New Zealand)

Integrated Working at a Neighbourhood Level (pdf)
Presenters: Kimberley Adams (Leeds City Council, UK), Emma Hidayat and Julie Mountain (Leeds Community Healthcare, UK)

Improving Discharge time through engagement and data (pdf)
Presenters: Alison Kingsbury and Deborah Browne (ACT Health, Australia)

Cooperation in the best interests of the child (pdf)
Presenters: Gunilla Yngve and Ewa Geel (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Integration for subpopulations (pdf)
Presenter: Eugene Nelson (The Dartmouth Institute, USA)

Towards a coherent person-centred measurement system (pdf)
Presenter: Alf Collins (The Health Foundation, UK)

Keynote IV:

Integration, ending of the Festival (pdf)
Moderators: Annika Nordin and Malin Skreding Hallgren (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

February 27 - The Scientific Day

Welcome (pdf)
Presenter: Boel Andersson Gäre (Region Jönköping County, Jönköping Academy, Sweden)

Evaluating a social movement (pdf)
Presenter: Helen Bevan (National Health Service, UK)

Residents provide feedback to their clinical teachers: (how) does it work?                     
Presenter: Cornelia Fluit (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)

News about measurement for improvement (pdf)
Presenter: Eugene Nelson (The Dartmouth Institute, USA)

Improvement and redesign in the microsystem (pdf)
Presenter: Julie Johnson (Northwestern University, USA, Jönköping Academy, Sweden)

International updates on coaching research (pdf)
Presenter: Marjorie Godfrey (The Dartmouth Institute, USA, Jönköping Academy, Sweden)

Towards a coherent person-centred measurement system (pdf)
Presenter: Alf Collins (The Health Foundation, UK)

Rapid fire presentations

Theme 1: Measurement and improvement
Chairs: Eugene Nelson (The Dartmouth Institute, USA)

Theme 2: Improvement and re-design in the microsystem
Chairs: Julie Johnson (Northwestern University, USA and Jönköping Academy, Sweden), Alf Collins, (The Health Foundation, UK) and Martin Rejler (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)

Theme 3: Updates on research in Coaching of Improvement
Chairs: Marjorie Godfrey (The Dartmouth Institute, USA and Jönköping Academy, Sweden) and AnnCharlott Norman (Jönköping Academy, Sweden)

Theme 4: Effective learning, feedback and evaluation for trainees in health care work
Chairs: Cornelia Fluit (Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands) and Karin Thörne (Region Jönköping County, Sweden)


Documentation 2014

February 25 - Coaching session

Welcome and introduction (pdf)
Presenter: Nicoline Vackerberg (JCC)

What coaching is and some helpful frames (pdf)
Presenter: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI)

My coaching experiences from microsystem to national strategic level (pdf)
Presenter: Anette Nilsson (SALAR and JCC)

February 26 - The Microsystem Festival

Plenary session: Reflection (pdf)
Presenter: Göran Henriks, Qulturum, Jönköping County Council, Sweden

Block A

A1 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems and success characteristics of great clinical Microsystems (pdf)
Presenters: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Steve Harrison (NHS)

A2 (D5) Capturing their Voice, Using What's Heard (pdf)
Presenters: Meg Seely, Licia Berry-Berard and Jonathan Huntington (DH)

A3 Reflections on Embodiment: an exploratory foray into lived-body experience and the non-linguistic (pdf)
Presenter: Richard Coaten (NHS)

A4 Building the will for a safety Culture in England's NHS healthcare system (pdf)
Presenters: Julie Harries (NHS)

A5 A Senior Center - How we did, how we managed and reflections based on collaboration in health work (pdf)
Presenters: Maria Johansson (JCC), Carina Pettersson (TM) and Bertil Carlfors (Senior Citizen)

A6 Reflection in action: A fishbowl dialogue on the reflection of practical work and the practice of reflection in health care (pdf)
Presenter: Christian von Plessen (NOH)

Plenary session: Reflections from an astronaut (pdf)
                     Lecturer: Christer Fuglesang, The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

February 27 - The Microsystem Festival


Block B

B1 How to rock the boat and stay in it: surviving and thriving as a healthcare radical (pdf)
Presenter: Helen Bevan (NHS)

B2 How to Form Advisory Councils That Thrive: Culture and Customization (pdf)
Presenters: Linda Wilkinson (DH) and Andreas Hager (SSGH)

B3 Creative Minds: reflecting the communities we serve, enabling people to live well (pdf)
Presenters: Steven Michael and Phil Walters (NHS), Debs Taylor and Sue Barton (UK)

B4 A new patient-centred journey
Presenter: Helen Sanderson (H S A)

B5 Bertil, 76 years old; Improvement Agent number one. – an upgrade of The Esther Network – (pdf)
Presenters: Bertil Carlfors (Senior Citizen), Anna Carlbom (TM) and Nicoline Vackerberg (JCC)

B6 Improved care for patients with pneumonia (pdf)
B6 Förbättrad vård för patienter med lunginflammation (pdf)
Presenters: Celina Lupinska and Hanna Ljungman Freij (JCC)

B7 Senior alert- a national quality registry as a tool for reflection (pdf)
Presenters: Joakim Edvinsson, Susanne Lundblad and Dennis Nordvall (JCC)

Block C

C1 Building holistic leadership for value creation (pdf)
Presenters: Thomas Schneider (Famna), Truls Neubeck (Famna) and Göran Henriks (JCC)

C2 Everyone's business: Engineering social change to improve patient experience (pdf)
Presenters: Louise Fowler and Mel Pick (NHS)

C3 The art and science of microsystem innovation and transformation: end of life care in acute hospitals in the English NHS (pdf)
Presenters: Anita Hayes and Susanna Shouls (NHS)

C4 Hearing the voice of the patient in service improvements: beyond satisfaction questionnaires and focus groups
Presenter: Helen Sanderson (H S A)

C5 Establishing a culture of membership and involvement across Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (pdf)
Presenters: Emma Dickens, Anne Cowman and Dan Barnett (NHS)

C6 The County Overall process development of cancer
Presenters: Mari bergeling-Thorell (Qulturum, Jönköping County Council, Sweden)

C7 Reflection (pdf)
Presenters: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Steve Harrison (NHS)

Block D

D1 The dialogue course - reflecting on psychiatric care together (pdf)
Presenters: Sara Thil, (JRC) Pernilla Nilsson (JRC), Marianne Busk (JCC) and Malin Skreding Hallgren (JCC) 

D2 Coaching data-driven Healthcare improvement (pdf)
Presenter: Gösta Hiller (QRC)

D3 Enhancing cooperation between medical professionals in Kosovo in urodynamic field (pdf)
Presenters: Ruhije Hodza Beganovic (IOM) and Åke Björn (CCO)

D4 PCP - patient centered process mapping (pdf)
Presenters: Mari Bergeling and Caroline Fruberg (JCC)

D5 (A2) Capturing their Voice, Using What's Heard (pdf)
Presenters: Meg Seely, Licia Berry-Berard and Jonathan Huntington (DH)

February 28

Studying quality and safety in European hospitals (QUASER): Understanding macro, meso, and micro factors influencing the implementation and use of QI systems (including table discussions) (pdf)
Presenter: Naomi Fulop (UCL)

Adaptive reflection learning how to improve health professional education (including table discussions)
Presenter: Carl Savage (KI)

Innovative ways to create knowledge in improvement and innovation. Rapid fire presentations

 Personal reflections on interactive research on improvement in different cultural contexts.
Presenter: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI)

Poster titles:

Documentation 2013

Plenary session: Co-learning and networking
Lecturer: Göran Henriks (JCC)

A1 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems in English and success characteristics of great clinical Microsystems (pdf)
Lecturers: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI, JU) and Steve Harrison (NHS Trust)

A2 Bertil, 76 years old; Change Agent number one – an upgrade of The Esther Network (pdf)
Lecturers: Nicoline Wackerberg (JCC), Bertil Carlfors (Senior citizen) and Anna Carlbom (TM)

A3 Go to the Gemba for Regional Triple Aim (pdf)
Lecturer: Bonnie Zell (CCC)


A5 The Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool: Improving the quality, integration and sustainability of Australian primary health care (pdf)
Lecturers: Lisa Crossland and Claire Jackson (UQ)

A6 Empowerment or coproduction – How to achieve it? (pdf)
Lecturers: Jörgen Tholstrup and Martin Rejler (JCC)

A7 Towards a Clean Safe Infection-free (CSI) Hospital – implementing a rapid MRSA screening program (pdf)
Lecturers: Brenda Ang Sze Peng and Prabha Unny Krishnan (TTSH)

Plenary session: Frames and/or framing as a friend of change (pdf)
Lecturer: Paul Batalden (DMS)


B2 Patient and family expertise in psychiatric care (pdf)
Lecturer: Malin Skreding Hallgren (JCC)

B3 The fourth birthday of a patienteer – celebrating progress in citizen involvement at Södersjukhuset emergency hospital (pdf)
Lecturer: Andreas Hager (DMC, SÖS, Chimes)

B4 From Resistance to Ambition in Cancer Services

Lecturer: Sophia Christie (UKprime)

B5 A Team Coaching Model for Health Care Improvement (pdf)
Lecturer: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI, JU)


C1 Community mental health care in Singapore: a multi-disciplinary multi-agency approach (pdf)
Lecturer: Chua Hong Choon (IMH)

C2 Building energy for change (pdf)
Lecturer: Helen Bevan (NHS)

C3 Creative Minds – Delivering non traditional Creative approaches to health and social care through Clever Partnering (pdf)
Lecturers: Phil Walters, Mark Wisbey (NHS) and John Ross (Artworks)

C4 Our learning journey in cooperation with Qulturum 2007-2013 (pdf)
Lecturer: Tuula H Heinänen (ESPOO)

C5 Co-production-Our reality – Self Dialysis Unit at Ryhov County Hospital (pdf)
Lecturers: Anette Abrahamsson, Britt-Marie Banck and Patrik Blomqvist (JCC)

C6 Organisational learning and safer surgery at Capio S:t Göran Hospital, Stockholm (pdf)
Lecturer: Jonas Leo (STGORAN)

D1 Stakeholder perspectives on handovers between hospital staff and general practitioners: an evaluation through the microsystems lens (pdf)
Lecturers: Julie Johnson (UNSW) and Göran Henriks (JCC)

D2 Prevention of pressure ulcers – experiences from a prototyping process in a neurology clinical microsystem (pdf)
Lecturer: Christian von Plessen (HH)

D3 From Patient "Voice" to "Patient Leader" (pdf)
Lecturers: Jonathan T. Huntington (D-H), Licia L. Berry-Berard (DHMC), Carol F. DuBois and Linda C. Wilkinson (D-H)

D4 From episodic to continuous health care processes supported by "My Health Plan" (pdf)
Lecturers: Caroline Fruberg and Eva Lindholm (JCC)

D5 Service improvement through collaboration. Experiences from the Division of Medical diagnostics (pdf)
Lecturers: Ewa Geel, Marita Skarstedt, Maysae Quttineh and Anna Österström (JCC)


D7 Students and novice professionals gaining experience of improvement work and clinical microsystems (pdf)
Lecturers: Karin Thörne (JCC), Annika Nordin (JCC) and Michael Bergström (SALAR)

Scientific Day
– Rapid Fire Presentations


Documentation 2012

Plenary session: The HeArt of Health Care (pdf)
Lecturer: Göran Henriks (JCC)

A1 Measures as inspiration and drivers – improvement work in Skövde and Jönköping (pdf)
Lecturers: Catarina Karlberg and Elisabeth Hellström (RVG)

A1 Measures as inspiration and drivers – improvement work in Skövde and Jönköping (pdf)
Lecturer: Mari Bergeling-Thorell (JCC)

A2 The Human Perspective: essential in Health Care, self care at Dialysis (pdf)
Lecturers: Christian Farman and Britt Marie Banck (JCC)

A3 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems – In Swedish! (pdf)
Lecturers: Berit Axelsson and Joakim Edvinsson (JCC)

A4 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems and success characteristics of great clinical Microsystems
– In English (pdf)

Lecturers: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Eugene Nelson (DHMC, TDI, DMS)

A5 Building a culture of innovation and improvement across community health services in Leeds (pdf)
Lecturers: Sam Prince and Debbie Flintham (NHS Trust)

A6 Appreciate our differences as individuals in the microsystem – The Human Dynamics perspective (pdf)
Lecturers: Malin Skreding Hallgren, Camilla Strid, Håkan Carlsson and Peter Kammerlind (JCC)

A7 Accountable Care Units and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (pdf)
Lecturer: Jason Stein (EU)

B1 Portraits of Life

  • Portrait of a Life – life story work supporting positive outcomes and other evolving approaches
    Lecturers: Suzanne Wightman and Trudi Enright (NHS Trust)
  • Portraits of a Life – The Taste of Water
    Lecturer: Anne-Maj Thorsson, patient representative

B2 Simplicity at heart (pdf)
Lecturer: Annette Bartley (QIC, IHI fellow)

B3 Exemplary Care and Learning Sites: Linking the Continual Improvement of Learning and the Continual Improvement of Care (pdf)
Lecturers: Karin Thörne (JCC), Katherine Stevenson (JU) and Karyn Baum (UMN)

B4 Coaching as Art (pdf)
Lecturers: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Anette Nilsson (JCC)

B5 Innovation – the art and science of improving healthcare in the NHS (pdf)
Lecturers: Laura Hibbs and Carol Pickering (NHS)

B6 Breathing Out and Breathing In – Recognising a polarity to manage and how to deal with them (pdf)
Lecturer: Sophia Christie (UKprime)

B7 Connecting Care for the Community (pdf)
Lecturers: Matt Walsh and Chris Dowse (NHS)

C1 The Art of improvement at the Urology department, Ryhov County Hospital (pdf)
Lecturers: Bruno Larsson and Ingrid Erlandsson (JCC)

C2 How can middle managers in hospitals facilitate the development of a safety culture in a clinical microsystem? (pdf)
Lecturer: Christian von Plessen (HH)

C4 Creative minds (pdf)
Lecturers: Karen Barnett, Bal Singh, Richard Coaten and Phil Walters (NHS)

C5 Assessment of quality improvement and leadership programs (pdf)
Lecturers: Anette Nilsson (JCC), Thomas Schneider and Truls Neubeck (FAMNA)

C6 Clinical microsystems and the use of "waste-glasses"  to deliver care of higher patient value (pdf)
Lecturers: Camilla Strid and Pierre Cherfan (JCC)

C7 Open your heart! – A yoga session focused on heart opening postures
Lecturer: Katherine Stevenson (JU)

C8 Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Microsystem Approach – experiences from Singapore (pdf)
Lecturer: Chong Pue Kim (TTSH)

Plenary session: Building Contagious Commitment to change to deliver results in challenging times (pdf)
Lecturer: Helen Bevan (NHS)

Helen Bevan interviewed on the same subject, 11min.

D1 Why we need innovation to improve quality and reduce costs (pdf)
Lecturer: Helen Bevan (NHS)

D2 Eldery care from an international perspective; future demands and solutions for a growing population (pdf)
Lecturers: Eugene Nelson (DHMC, TDI, DMS), Göran Henriks (JCC) and Thomas Lew Wing Kit (TTSH)

D2 Mental Health Care for the Elderly in Singapore (pdf)
Lecturers: Eugene Nelson (DHMC, TDI, DMS), Göran Henriks (JCC) and Thomas Lew Wing Kit (TTSH)

D3 Setting right aims, with heart and mind, is a true art (pdf)
Lecturer: Anders Vege (NKCHS)

D4 Better life for sick elderly – a national approach to make a difference (pdf)
Lecturers: Maj Rom, Ejja Häman Aktell, Michael Bergström and Anette Nilsson (SALAR and JCC)

D5 Keeping Esther and Joe at the heart of our world (pdf)
Lecturers: Karen Barnett and Phil Walters (NHS)

D5 Keeping Esther and Joe at the heart of our world (pdf)
Lecturers: Kerstin Svensson and Malin Johnsson (JCC)

D6 Living life to the full, to the end – delivering a good death at lower cost (pdf)
Lecturer: Sophia Christie (UKprime)

D7 The Art of translating improvement concepts to engage the Hearts of clinicians (pdf)
Lecturer: Tom Downes (NHS, IHI fellow)

Additional meeting: Patient Safety in Yemen (pdf)
Lecturer: Mohammed Albaadani, Patient for Patient Safety Champion PFPS ,Yemen


Documentation 2011

Plenary session: Set your mind free – A finger-tip away (pdf, nytt fönster)
Lecturer: Göran Henriks (JCC)

Block A - Parallel seminars

A1 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems – In Swedish!(pdf)
Lecturers: Berit Axelsson (JCC) and Malin Nordh (VM)

A2 Organising for Quality and Cost Improvement (pdf)
Lecturers: Laura Hibbs and Carol Pickering (NHS)

A3 Patient Centered Care (pdf)
Lecturers: Linda Wilkinson, Licia Berry-Berard and Jonathan Huntington (DHMC)

A4 Blazing Trails (pdf)
Lecturers: Sue Cannon, Graham Wardman, Matt Walsh and Jake Abbas (NHS)

A5 The concept of Esther Coaches – Education and active networking. A success story from Eksjö (pdf)
Lecturers: Nicoline Wackerberg and Kerstin Svensson (JCC)

A6 Basic knowledge of Clinical Microsystems – In English! (pdf)
Lecturer: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI)

A7 WORKSHOP: LEAN in the context of Clinical Microsystems (pdf)
Lecturer: Kyle Hultgren (PU)

Block B - Parallel seminars

B1 Patient safety strategies and measures at several levels (pdf)
Lecturers: Berit Axelsson and Peter Kammerlind (JCC)

B2 Solutions Focused Coaching (pdf) 
Lecturer: Janine Waldman (SF)

B3 Patient and family involvement in the mental health department of Trento: how their 'experiential knowledge' improves the quality of care (pdf) 
Lecturers: Renzo De Stefani and Kathleen Bertotti (MHST)

B4 Improving medication for Elderly

B5 Leading, learning and living Quality Improvement – Our Quality Academy Journey (pdf)
Lecturers: Steven Michael and Karen Barnett (NHS)

B6 Singapore at the front line (pdf)
Lecturers: Hwei Yee Tai, Nellie Yeo (NHG) and Thomas Chee (TTSH)

B7 Thinking Differently (pdf)
Lecturer: Beverley Leckenby (NHS)

B8 WORKSHOP: LEAN in the context of Clinical Microsystems (pdf)
Lecturer: Kyle Hultgren (PU)

Day two – March 4

Plenary session: Quality registers as a driver for change. Current status in Sweden and the possibility to international cooperation
Lecturer: Hanna Sjöberg (KI)

Block C - Parallel seminars

C1 Coach your body and mind
Lecturer: Katherine Stevenson (JU)

C2 Opening minds and hearts for health system transformation: The unfolding experience from a Canadian province (pdf)
Lecturers: Bonnie Brossart and Mary Smillie (HQC)

C3 The art and science of coaching (pdf)
Lecturers: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Anette Nilsson (JCC)

C4 Scientific approaches to patient involvement

C5 Improving the patient encounter at a primary health care center by means of video feedback (pdf)
Lecturers: Dorte Kjeldmand and Henning Pedersen (JCC)

C6 Measures for microsystem management

C7 Support to innovation in frontline teams from the macrolevel in the Basque Country (Spain) (pdf)
Lecturer: Regina Sauto Arce (BIHI)

C8 Patient safety work in a Danish Clinical Microsystem (pdf)
Lecturer: Christian von Plessen (HH)

Plenary session: Patient involvement UFE as a strategy for Patient involvement

Block D - Parallel seminars

D1 The Ringerike Pilot Hospital Model: Helping the patients and the organisation to understand and manage the processes of the patient's journey that flows through and between microsystems (pdf) 
Lecturers: Aleidis Skard Brandrud and Tone Reneflot Thoresen (VVHT)

D2 How to use creative thinking in the microsystem (pdf)
Lecturers: Mads Lund and Anne Z. Kudsk (RS)

D3 Professional assessment in conjunction to patient based decision making tools – a way of facilitating a changing health and social care culture (pdf)
Lecturer: Berith Hedberg (JCC)

D4 From 10 to 200 in six months (pdf)
Lecturers: Jesper Ekberg and team members (JCC)

D5 Mesosystems 101 (pdf)
Lecturers: Marjorie Godfrey (TDI) and Eugene Nelson (DHMC, TDI, DMS)

D6 Together for Patient Involvement (pdf)
Lecturers: Annmargreth Kvarnefors, Eva Lindholm (JCC) and patient representatives: Hans Nilsson and Katrin Franke

D7 Can Lean Be Humanized? (pdf)
Lecturer: Jörgen Tholstrup (JCC)

Plenary session: Primary care from an innovators perspective (pdf)
Lecturers: Göran Henriks (JCC) and Eugene Nelson (DHMC, TDI, DMS)



Pre-Festival Day - Coaching 
& Scientific Day:
Nicoline Vackerberg

Pre-Festival Day - Study Visits
& Microsystem Festival Days:
Agata Rukat

Microsystem Festival Days:
Rebecka Berger

Project coordinators:

Anastasia Shklyar

Christina Åkesson

Project Advisors:

Pernilla Söderberg

Malin Skreding Hallgren

Patrik Blomqvist





The Festival 2016 in photos


Created with flickr slideshow.


Filmed presentations 2015


Presenter: Göran Henriks, Qulturum, Region Jönköpings County

IKEA – integration as part of the concept

Presenter: Anders Ledhagen, IKEA Sweden

(The People's Laboratory)

Presenters: Helen Bevan, NHS and Göran Henriks, Qulturum, Region Jönköpings County

Integration of a new way of report via film

Presenter: Maxine Power, Salford Royal NHS | Haelo

Why so Slow. Spreading success for leaders

Presenter: Amy Compton-Phillips, Kaiser Permanente and Göran Henriks, Qulturum, Region Jönköping County

Panel discussion - Ending of the Festival

Moderators: Annika Nordin and Malin Skreding Hallgren, Qulturum, Region Jönköping County

Panel (From the left): Amy Compton-Phillips, Kaiser Permanente, Eugene Nelson, The Dartmouth Institute, Laura Hibbs, NHS, Helen Bevan, NHS, Christian von Plessen, Nordsjællands Hospital, Maxine Power, Salford Royal NHS | Haelo, Boel Andersson Gäre, Futurum, Region Jönköping County, Marjorie Godfrey, The Dartmouth Institute, (Annika Nordin) and Göran Henriks, Qulturum, Region Jönköping County


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