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Tre av de nio artiklarna om kliniska mikrosystem översatta till svenska och delvis sammanfattade:



MicroNewsletter # 1 (pdf)
MicroNewsletter # 2 (pdf)
MicroNewsletter # 3 (pdf)
MicroNewsletter # 4 (pdf)

MicroNewsletter # 1 (pdf)
MicroNewsletter # 2 (pdf)


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The Microsystem Network has a close relation to Clinical Microsystems in Dartmouth, USA. Read more about Clincial Microsystems and also DVD-films you can use in your improvement work.

How a simple tool as a checklist can transform intensive care


Pre-Festival Day - Coaching 
& Scientific Day:
Nicoline Vackerberg

Pre-Festival Day - Study Visits
& Microsystem Festival Days:
Agata Rukat

Microsystem Festival Days:
Rebecka Berger

Project coordinators:

Anastasia Shklyar

Christina Åkesson

Project Advisors:

Pernilla Söderberg

Malin Skreding Hallgren

Patrik Blomqvist


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