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The Microsystem Festival
– Festival Days

The Microsystem Festival
– March 2–3, 2016

During the last twelve years the Microsystem Festival has grown into an arena and venue for those developing and improving health care. We are very proud to say that our wish to create, maintain and further nourish a learning community has been successful. Microsystem thinking is spreading over the world from north to south and east to west. Several representatives from various nations with a total of about 13 different nations attend our festival each year. We feel fortunate that we have had the opportunity to welcome new nation representatives as well as returning networkers every year. The Festival has indeed turned into a unique platform for co-learning by spreading and sharing important knowledge and creating new connections.

This year's theme: It's all about people

At the Festival, you will meet new-thinkers in health care. People who question old thoughts and are courageous to try new things. You will meet practitioners, theorists, authors, researchers, that above all, are convinced that the main source for change is within our own mind. In order to find new solutions, we need to look at the existing problems with new eyes. By meeting and sharing perspectives with others, this is possible.

The Microsystem Festival Days focus on practice and experiences from improvement work in health care around the world.

Scientific Day
– March 4, 2016

The knowledge and understanding of Clinical Microsystems have matured considerably in the past years. The Clinical Microsystem Festival is therefore followed by a Scientific day with a special focus on new research in the field. During the day we will get possibilities to share and explore research questions and methodologies.
The Scientific day offers several lectures by internationally recognized researchers. The common denominators are the engagement in quality improvement of health care, the recognition of clinical microsystems and measures as engines for change. This will be illuminated from different perspectives by the lecturer.
The Scientific Day does also contain shorter oral presentations regarding the recent research in the field of clinical Microsystems and a poster walk.



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Project leader

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Project coordinator

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Study Visit coordinator

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Web and information coordinator

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