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KlinSim, means ClinSim...


The Swedish Society for clinical training and medical simulation in health care organizations was formed in 2011 to promote the national collaboration on research, training and development in clinical training and medical simulation.

The multidisciplinary board consists of seven members, chaired by Italo Masiello.

The association's focus areas are team based and individual clinical practice and medical simulation in health care and its education.

Its purpose is to enhance knowledge and competence in clinical practice and medical simulation in order to increase patient safety in health care.

This is done by promoting national and international:

  • cooperation between education / training centers
  • exchange of experience
  • educational development
  • business development
  • quality management
  • research
  • implementation
  • collaboration with other stakeholders

Contact information

Italo Masiello
Chairman of the board


Magnus Berndtzon

Uppdaterad: 2014-12-15
Magnus Berndtzon, Qulturum, Verksamhetsnära funktion