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In this podcast serie you will meet several international experts and coaches discussing challenges, opportunities, models and tools that might be useful when you coach others to make improvements in Health and Social care organizations. The podd focuses on coaching changes in units, departments, organizations in health and social wellfare, all with one goal, to create better value and outcome for our patients, clients, Esthers ;-)

Pod #1 Teamcoaching

We start with a Framework called Teamcoaching by Marjory Godfrey in dialog with Anette Nilsson, development strategist, Region Jönköping County. We will continue with other themes.

Portrait Marjorie Godfrey.  Anette Nilsson, Jönköping - portrait.

Majery Godfrey and Anette Nilsson

Listen to pod number 1 Teamcoaching

Thank you for listening to this podcast, hope you find it useful. Produced by: Qulturum Design and learning center and Jönköping Academy, Sweden. By for now and keep up the good work






























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If you have an idea that can be good to discuss in this pod or if you know an expert of the field, or have good stories about coaching that make an impact. Please, do not hesitate to contact us! Nicoline Vackerberg,


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