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2017-03-07 12.01

Many perspectives, much dialogue and reflections on this years Festival

Participants from 14 countries gathered at Qulturum in Jönköping, Sweden, on February 28th to March 3rd, at the annual Microsystem Festival, this year for the 14th time.

Handshaking going on. Talking to someone you don't know.
The participants learning to know each others in small groups, microsystemn, during the conference.

The theme this year was "Perspective", and during the days a number of different perspectives were discussed and explored, such as Attitude, Objectivity, Owerview.

There was also focus on things like Person-centered health care in terms of partnerships, patient stories and teamwork.

Concise and familiar

- This is not a traditional conference, we want it to be a concise and familiar meetingplace where we explore and celebrate new findings and new thoughts about microsystem thinking, says project leader Pernilla Söderberg, Qulturum.

- We have chosen perspectives as the theme where we need to broaden our horizons.

- It's not only about how we as an organization will interact with the patient, it is also how all the different stakeholders in society can cooperate in their daily work. for instance how they in connection with health care should complement us and support the individual when needed.

Social Media Corner

During the conference, participants had the opportunity to share their reflections on social media at a specially built "Social Media Corner", where everyone who wanted could try to show different perspectives in a personal way with a little help of hats and glasses on their nose posting it on twitter with the hashtag #qmicro.

Find more information about the conference on this website.

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Rolf Bardon, Qulturum, Verksamhetsnära funktion