Region Jnkpings ln Odontologiska Institutionen

National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders

We are a national centre for rare disorders that are connected with abberrant tooth and jaw development, impaired orofacial function and need for extensive dental treatment.

Our services comprice both children and adults and we are a resource for care givers and patients in Sweden.

Rare disorders

Are defined as rare when it affects fewer than 100 individuals per million population and leads to disability.

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We offer

  • Consultation, dental examination and information free of charge (however, there are additional costs for radiograoph).
  • Dental assessment as part of diagnostic investigations.
  • Dental treatment planning in close collaboration with our reference group of dental specialists.
  • Dental treatment is normally performed by the regular dentist. It may be done at the Institute for Postgradual Dental Education for those who live within Region Jönköping County.


  • Collect and document knowledge about rare diseases.
  • Run research and develompent projects about rare disorders in contribution of a better, safer and evidence-based dental care.
  • Give education about rare disorders.

We collaborate with

The Institute

Contact us

Postal address:
National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders
The Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education
P.O. Box 1030
SE-551 11 Jönköping

Visiting address:
Hermansvägen 5, SE-554 53 Jönköping

Phone: +46 (0)10-242 46 66


  • DDS, PhD, Senior Consultant, specialist in paediatric dentristry
    Johanna Norderyd
  • Senior Consultant, specialist in prosthetic dentistry
    Pernilla Holmberg
  • Dental nurse, coordinator
    Annica Krogell
  • Administrative assistant
    Anna Thofelt

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Annica Krogell, Kompetenscenter för sällsynta odontologiska tillstånd Jönköping, Folktandvården