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Mikrosystem / Clinical microsystem

Website with videos about clinical microsystems:
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Following the red thread...

Fundamentals about Microsystems. What is a (clinical) microsystem? What are micro, meso and macro levels? How will microsystems be described using different professional languages?, 25 minutes. 
Lecturer: Professor Paul Batalden
Produced at Qulturum for Jönköping Academy, master class, Jönköping University. September 2013,

Knowing and recognizing at a time like this

Lecturer: Paul Batalden, Dartmouth Medical School, USA. Batalden interprets a poem and suggests five ways to go improving health care: 1. Focus on basics, 2. Relentlessly reduce waste and add value, 3. Seek and use good science, 4. Enable continual change, 5. Build community. 17 min.

Produced at the Microsystem Festival 2009


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