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Measurement in healthcare - An interview with Robert Lloyd

Robert Lloyd is a statistician and improvement leader at Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston. Here he is interviewed visiting Qulturum, Sweden about how leaders can use measurement in their leadership and why measurements are important.

Measurement has to do with the improvement journey, to build skills in 1) developing a Value Compass and Operational definitions 2) to gather data, and 3) to analyze data with run charts and control charts. Use both qualitative observation data and quantitative data. (10 min)

Rate, score and percentage - what's the difference?

You will know more about rating, scoring and percentage after listening to Robert Lloyd, statistician at IHI. (8:30 min)

Swe: Värdera/rangordna, poängsätta, procentsats och förhållanden mellan lika och olika data. Robert Lloyd förklarar de vanligaste begreppen.



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Uppdaterad: 2018-03-28
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