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Esther SimLab – a model for developing teamwork and simulation of non-technical skills

Esther SimLab is a new model for training health and care situations - practical learning of "non-technical" skills. By gathering professionals and patient, you train together in a safe environment and in this way you focus on collaboration and coordination. Professionals from inpatient care, health center and municipality form, together with the patient, a team that will work together for Esther's best.

We learn by doing and reflecting together, and contribute to increased patient safety.

We practice communication, respond to and work with a person-centered approach and, above all, put the team work in focus.

Esther SimLab has been co-designed / developed together with patient representatives, also called Living library, and can be performed in different ways in different environments.

The training session is always carried out in co-design, either with an Esther or a representative to Esther.

Read more about Esther SimLab in the poster below




Maria Johansson


Marcus Lidin

Living library/Patient representative

Living library contains of about 40 people with different backgrounds and competences in the ages beetween 29 to 82. The members represent different diagnosis or are related to a person with a disease. Living library participates in different projects such as workshops, training sessions and conferences.

Uppdaterad: 2020-01-16
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