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Esther network

ESTHER is made of caregivers, clinicians, patients, and families who work to promote and improve the complex care in Region Jönköping county. “Esther” is a symbolic person, with complex care needs who requires the coordination and integration between hospital, primary care, home care, and community care. Esther is at the center of all our daily work.

Award-winning. "The ESTHER Network is the best initiative to support active and healthy aging." With this review and in competition with 600 nominees, ESTHER received a destinguished prize from the EU at the conference "Opening Up an Era of Social Innovation" Dec 21st 2017.

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The Swedish Health care sytem

Collaboration - what we have learned together in the learning network until November 2017

Anna_Esther_nicoline_ portrait from video See video!

This is a new video about what has happened in Singapore, UK and Sweden during the last years with the ESTHER approach? Recorded in Jönköping, Sweden 2 November 2017 - a presentation made by Anna Carlbom, Kent, UK, Esther Lim, Singapore, and Nicoline Vackerberg, Region Jönköping, Sweden.


Our Vision

To create a durable and energetic network in which Esther can feel confident and lead an independent life. Esther should know where to turn, get care in or close to her home, see us as the same provider of care and have the possibility to get the same care all over Region Jönköping County.

Our Work

We use tools of continuous quality improvement and coaching to increase competence of the whole care chain, and reduce redundancy for Esther.

Our Organization

The Esther Network spans continents. We share ideas with Esther's from Singapore to Toronto. Here in Hoglandet, in the south of Sweden, we are - so far - made up of six municipalities.

There are many cross-organizational meetings. Esther's organizing committee was comprised of directors from hospital, primary care, social care, department of medicine but is today embedded in the regional leadership programs as a way of working to connect and improve complex care. In several municipalities and hospitals there are smaller networks where Esther coaches have been trained to empower staff to always have Esther in mind, and to create projects which improve her journey through the health and social care system.

Esther coaches

There are about 300 Esther coaches within health care and social care. They act as coachers and in their normal profession at the same time in their daily work To be an Esther coach requires a passion for Esther and an improvement drive. There is an Esther coach education of eight days multiprofessional learning. Today we have two levels of coaching.

Filmed seminar

Seminar with Marjory Godfrey, Ph.D, about Esther coaches 


Esther Network Singapore 2016. A short video about workshops and learning together with Esther Network in Singapore, lead by Nicoline Vackerberg, improvement leader from Qulturum, Region Jönköpings län in Sweden, summer 2016. Time: 2:36.


A brochure

 he cover of a small brochure about ESTHER. A brochure aboyt ESTHER from NHS, UK. 

What is best for ESTHER?
A small brochure about the ESTHER Network, 2017. To download, print and fold to four pages.

What matters to Esther? 
A brochure about the ESTHER Network, produced in Kent, UK.


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Care staff leadership implementing the Esther care model at a care home in Kent,2018

Alan Cribb, 2017.Healthcare in transition. Understanding key ideas and tensions in contemporary healtch policy s 134 - 151

The Primary Partnership ( 2017) Advisory board,International Global Forum for Health Care Innovators s 16-17

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Eu models of care 2015 - webinar about The Esther Network by NHS European office

NHS European Office blogging about Esther 2015

CNN ranking Esther as one of the cooolest innovations in the world 2014

Esther 0n the BBC -news, 2014

Person driven care 2012

Quality, development and leadership 2012

Case studie Esther 1997 - 2011

Charles Kenney; The best practice pp 228-229

Improving patient flow

The Senior Center in Tranås

Sustained Improvement? - Øvretveit, John BSc (Hons), MPhil, PhD, C. Psysch, MIHM; Staines, Anthony MBA, MHA, MPA


Health care Process Reengineering; HPR method (pdf, new window)

Training program for Esther improvement coaches

Filmed interviews

A recorded film interview with representatives from Singapore health care organisations visiting Jönköping 4 weeks in Nov. 2017 (Youtube).

What does Esther - not only need but want?! - the development of the Esther Network from 1997 to 2012

Inge Werner, 86, talks about the Esther network

Improved medication for elderly

Who is Esther?

Introducing the Esther Coach

Making a Connection

Mutual Working

Esther coaches in Kent, UK, talking about the value of being an Esther coach:

Wendy, a senior care assistant

Helen, a social and family coordinator

Ikon Filmlamera EstherMore films about Esther here, and about Esther coaching here, a few in English.

Esther Newsletter

Esther International Newsletter

Organization and Contact

The Organization for the Esther Network and whom to contact

Links to our partners


Timeline of the Esther network
(pdf, new window)


Archive - Esther

Create a poster

How to create a good looking poster (pdf). From Singapore visiting Jönköping nov 2017.


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