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Department of Stomatognathic Physiology

Department of Stomatognathic Physiology

The Department of Stomatognathic Physiology at The Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education was established in 1979. It is a small department:  two senior consultants, one or two dentists with ongoing specialist training, three dental assistants and one secretary. More than 500 patients with suspected temporomandibular disorders are referred to, and investigated at the department each year.

Postgraduate specialist training

The department is authorised by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to perform postgraduate specialist training in stomatognathic physiology. Up till 2015 11 dentists (see Bettfysiologi) have become certified specialists in stomatognathic physiology.


The research performed at the department is focused on clinical research. At present, 10 different projects are ongoing. Some of them are

  • Longitudinal epidemiological investigation of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The same cohort has been followed over a period of 20 years (in co-operation with the University in Göteborg)
  • Evaluation of acupuncture treatment in patients with TMD (in co-operation with the specialist centre in Linköping)
  • Functional-related complications after treatment with implant supported FPDs
  • Prevalence of different TMJ sounds in patients with TMD
  • Evaluation of the clinical benefit of radiographic examinations when investigating patients with suspected TMD
  • Individual prediction of treatment outcome in patients with TMD (in co-operation with the clinic of stomatognathic physiology in Sollefteå/Sundsvall)
  • Longitudinal outcome of endodontic treatment in an epidemiologic sample (in co-operation with the specialist clinic of endodontics in Uppsala and the specialist clinic of radiology in Luleå)


More than 40 scientific papers have been published in international and national dental journals. Two doctoral theses have been published, as well as one international textbook on TMD and more than 10 chapters in textbooks by other editors.

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