Region Jnkpings ln Odontologiska Institutionen


Department of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology

The radiological examinations take place at the localities of the Institute centrally placed in Jönköping and at the County Hospital Ryhov. We examine teeth and jaws and related organs such as salivary glands, temporomandibular joint, nose and paranasal sinuses, temporal bone, pharynx and upper neck. Radiological techniques employed are e.g. intraoral radiography, panoramic radiography, plain-film radiography, computed tomography, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography), magnetic resonance imaging and videofluorography. At the County Hospital Ryhov, our department is fully integrated in the Department of Medical Radiology.

At the department a full-time position as postgraduate trainee in Dentomaxillofacial Radiology is instituted.

About 70 scientific articles and one doctoral thesis are produced at the Department of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology since 1975. Also a number of books and book chapters concerning e.g. ectopic canines, radiological diagnosis of the maxillary sinuses, juvenile chronic arthritis of the TMJ, planning in dental implants have been published.

Uppdaterad: 2014-11-12
Anna Thofelt, Avdelningen för parodontologi-endodonti Jönköping, Folktandvården