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Scientific papers 2003

  • Alm A, Wendt L-K, Koch G. Dental treatment in the primary dentition of 7-12 year-old Swedish schoolchildren. Swed Dent J. 2003;27:77–82.
  • Bergendal B. Prosthodontics going softer – the challenge of oral rehabilitation in rare disorders. Int J Prosthodont 2003;16:221–222.
  • Bergenholz G, Dahlén G, Ekman A, Eriksson P-O, Ernberg M, Gröndahl K, Klinge B, Lerner U, Magnusson T, Matsson L, Pälvärinne R, Rohlin M, Svensson R. Sveriges ledande position inom odontologisk forskning hotas. Tandläkartidningen 2003;95(9):60–61.
  • Carlsson GE, Egermark I, Magnusson T. Predictors of bruxism, other oral parafunctions, and tooth wear over a 20-year follow-up period. J Orofac Pain 2003;17:50–57.
  • Egermark I, Magnusson T, Carlsson GE. A 20-year follow-up of signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders and malocclusions in subjects with and without orthodontic treatment in childhood. Angle Orthod 2003;73:109–115.
  • Ellner S, Bergendal T, Bergman B. Four post-and-core combinations as abutments for fixed single crowns: a prospective up to 10-year study. Int J Prosthodont 2003;16:249–254.
  • Ernberg M, Bergenholz G, Dahlén G, Ekman A, Eriksson P-O, Gröndahl K, Klinge B, Lerner U, Magnusson T, Matsson L, Pälvärinne R, Rohlin M, Svensson R. Examina och utbildning inom svensk odontologisk forskning. Tandläkartidningen 2003;95(9):54–59.
  • Göthberg C, Bergendal T, Magnusson T. Complications after treatment with implant-supported fixed prostheses: A retrospective study. Int J Prosthodont 2003;16:201–207.
  • Hugoson A, Lundgren D, Asklöw B, Borgklint G. The effect of different dental health programmes on young adult individuals. A longitudinal evaluation of knowledge and behaviour including cost aspects. Swed Dent J 2003;27:115–130.
  • Koch G. Fluoride toothpastes and their contribution to the caries decline. Which fluoride content is necessary? Oralprofylaxe 2003;25:22–25.
  • Mak D'Amico R, Bjerklin K, Kurol J, Falahat B. Long-term results of orthodontic treatment of impacted maxillary canines. Angle Orthodontist 2003;73:231–238.
  • Slotte C, Lundgren D, Burgos PM. Placement of autogeneic bone chips or bovine bone mineral in guided bone augmentation: a rabbit skull study. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2003;18:795–806.
  • Slotte C, Lundgren D, Sennerby L, Lundgren AK. Influence of preimplant surgical intervention and implant placement on bone wound healing. Clin Oral Impl Res 2003;14:528–34.
  • Slotte C, Lundgren D, Sennerby L, Lundgren AK. Surgical intervention in enchondral and membranous bone: intraindividual comparisons in the rabbit. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2003;5:263–268.  
  • Sondell K, Söderfeldt B, Palmqvist S. Underlying dimensions of verbal communication between dentists and patients in prosthetic dentistry. Patient Educ Couns 2003;50:157–167.
  • Sundqvist B, Magnusson T, Wenneberg B. Comparison between predicted and actual treatment outcome in patients with temporomandibular disorders treated by TMD-trained general dental practitioners. Swed Dent J 2003;27:131–141.
  • Thorstensson H, Johansson B. Oral health in a population-based sample of the oldest-old: Findings in twins 80 years and older in Sweden. Swed Dent J 2003;27:49–57.

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