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Scientific papers 1994

  • Bergendal T, Hugoson A, Kvint S, Lundgren D. A radiological inventory of possible fixture sites for cylinder implants in edentulous regions of the jaw. An epidemiological study. Swed Dent J 1994;18:75–85.
  • Bondemark L, Kurol J, Wennberg A. Orthodontic rare earth magnets. In vitro assessment of cytotoxicity. Br J Orthod 1994;24:335–41.
  • Bondemark L, Kurol J, Bernhold M. Repelling magnets versus superelastic nickel-titanium coils in simultaneous distal movement of maxillary first and second molars. Angle Orthod 1994;189–98.
  • Broberg H, Fjellström CA. Framkallningskontroll av tandfilmer. Tandläkartidningen 1994;86:1161–4.
  • Helmrot E, Alm Carlsson G, Eckerdal O. Effects of contrast equalization on energy imparted to the patient: A comparison of two dental generators and two types of intraoral film. Dentomaxillofac Radiol 1994;23:83–90.
  • Hilliges M, Hellman M, Ahlström U, Johansson O. Immunohistochemical studies of neurochemical markers in normal human buccal mucosa. Histochemistry 1994;101:235–44.
  • Koch G, Rölla G. Dental Caries: Prevention. Chapter 9 in Pedodontics - A clinical Approach. Eds Koch G, Modéer T, Poulsen S, Rasmussen P. Köpenhamn: Munksgaard, 1995.
  • Lundgren D, Sennerby L, Falk H, Friberg B, Nyman S. The use of a new bioresorbable barrier for guided bone regeneration in connection with implant installation. Case report. Clin Oral Impl Res 1994;5:177–84.
  • Magnusson T, Carlsson GE, Egermark I. Changes in clinical signs of craniomandibular disorders from the age of 15 to 25 years. J Orofacial Pain 1994;8:216–224.
  • Nydell A, Helkimo M, Koch G. Craniomandibular disorders in children - A critical review of the literature. Swed Dent J 1994;18:191–205.
  • Olgart K, Bergendal B. Protetisk behandling av barn och ungdom. Scand Soc Prosthet Dent 1994:2.
  • Warfvinge G, Hellman M, Maroti M, Ahlström U, Larsson Å. Hg-provocation of oral mucosa in patients with oral lichenoid lesions. Scand J Dent Res 1994;102:34–40.
  • Wendt LK, Hallonsten AL, Koch G, Birkhed D. Oral hygiene in relation to caries development and immigrant studies in infants and toddlers. Scand J Dent Res 1994;102:269–273.

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