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Karlsson J-E, El-Saadi W, Ali M, Skogvard P, Engvall J, Andersson R, Maret E, Jynge P. Mangafodipir as a cardioprotective adjunct to reperfusion therapy: a feasibility study in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. 2015; 1(1):39-45

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Brunner-La Rocca H-P, W Eurlings L, Richards M, L Januzzi J, E Pfisterer M, Dahlstrom U G, Pinto Y, Karlstrom P, et al. Which heart failure patients profit from natriuretic peptide guided therapy? A meta-analysis from individual patient data of randomized trials. European Journal of Heart Failure. 2015;17(12):1252-61


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Björkander J, Brodszki N, Fasth A, Forsberg P, Friman V, Nilsdotter Å, et al. Riktlinjer för utredning, diagnostikoch behandling av immunbrister. Version V 2015 [cited 2015]. Available from:

Hamlin  M, Jemsson M, Rahm A-S. Självdialys ger ökad trygghet och frihet. Dialäsen (tidning för personal inom transplantation och njursjukvård i norden) 2015, nr 5: 31-33

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