Region Jnkpings ln Esther

Esther Organization

This is how Esther was organized until 2016.

Organizing Committee

  • Aim: Coordinate network operations across Highland district
  • Who: Director from hospital, primary care, and social care
  • When: 6 meetings per year

Local Project Management Group:

  • Aim: coordinate information, initiate projects and unite staff to use everyone's knowledge
  • Who:  one member from each municipality, from primary care areas, members from departments of medicine, psychiatri and geriatrics
  • When: Meetings occur monthly to weekly in each municipality


  • Victoria Allard - community partners, FoUrum Jönköping Län
  • Quality Manager Internal medicine: Joakim Edvinsson - Region Jönköping Län
  • Quality Manager Internal medicine: Camilla Strid - Esther locally Höglandssjukhuset
  • Quality Manager: Nicoline Vackerberg - Esther international
  • Esther coordinator UK, Anna Carlbom

We can tell you more

Nicoline. Foto.

Nicoline Vackerberg
Coordinator Esther International

Anna Carlbom




Anna Carlbom
Coordinator Esther UK

Camilla Strid. Foto.

Camilla Strid 
Improvement leader,
Dep of Internal Medicine 

Håkan Carlsson




Håkan Carlsson
Coordinator for coaches

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