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Hotel recommendations

As a guest at the Festival you arrange your own hotel booking and there are several of hotels and accommodations in Jönköping available. Jönköping is a medium sized town and independently of which hotel you choose, the distance to Qulturum, where the Festival is arranged, will not be problematic. A6 Vandrarhem & Hotell, Jönköpings Hotell & Konferens AB and Eurostop are accommodations in walking distance, but as this anyhow may be weather-dependent, we suggest you to choose the hotel that mostly correspond to the standard and costs you have planned for. 

A6 Vandrarhem & Hotell

A central hotel and youth hostel with high standard to a good prize. Within walking distance from the hospital area of Ryhov and close to the shopping mall A6.

A6 Vandrarhem & Hotell is a new building and company including both hotel and youth hostel. Please note that they for the time being only take cash or invoice.

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Vox Hotel

The concept of Vox Hotel includes ideas about the future hotel experience, focusing on design and comfort. Perfect for the smart and modern traveller. Vox Hotel has 143 rooms, from suites and deluxe rooms with an amazing view over Lake Vättern to affordable doubles. Vox Hotel is located in the city of Jönköping, about 600 meters from the train/bus station (Jönköpings Resecentrum), 6 km from Jönköping Airport and about 3.4 km from Ryhov County Hospital area.

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Elite Stora Hotellet

Elite Stora Hotellet has a central and stunning location along the south shore of Lake Vättern. Jönköping's walking street passes right by the hotel, putting guests right in the midst of the city.

Elite Stora Hotellet is located in the city center about 3.4 kilometers from Ryhov County Hospital area.

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Jönköpings Hotell & Konferens AB

The hotel is located in the middle of the nature, near the Ryhov Hospital and A6 center. 4km from the center, 11km from the airport and 4km south of Elmia exhibition center.
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Victoria Home Hotel

The hotel is located in the west part of the center, 200 m from the trainstation, 5km from Elmia exhibition center.

Phone: +46 36 71 28 00
Address: F E Elmgrensgata 5

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Quality Hotel

The Hotel is located on the E4 near the Ryhov Hospital. 4km from the center, 11km from the airport, 4km south of Elmia exhibition center. The hotel is worth its price.

Phone: +46 36 18 36 00
Address: Ryhovsgatan 3

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Hotel Savoy

In the heart of Jönköping lies Hotel Savoy.

Phone: +46 36 17 32 90
Address: Brunnsgatan 13-15, 553 17 Jönköping

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Annika O'Connor
Project coordinator

Travelling to Jönköping

Jönköping is one of the ten largest cities in Sweden, located by the lake Vättern in the southern parts of the country. If you are an international guest, visiting the Festival for the first time, a good start is to look at a map before you plan your journey. There are several of alternatives how to travel to us.

The largest international airport is Arlanda in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. The distance between Arlanda and Jönköping is approximately 360 km, or 3.5 hours by car. Other travelling alternatives are by train (, bus (,, or plane (

One practical alternative is to fly in via Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The distance between Gothenburg and Jönköping is 130 km, or approximately 1.5 hours by car. From Landvetter airport a cost-effective alternative is to take bus number 830 ( Or you can rent a car. Rental cars are available at the airport.

Another practical way of travelling to Jönköping, is to fly to Copenhagen in Denmark. From Copenhagen there are trains crossing a bridge to Sweden continuously. Tickets are bought at the airport. At the other side of the bridge, the Swedish city Malmö is situated, 290 km from Jönköping. From Malmö you can go by car, bus (, or train (

With these advice we wish you a convenient journey!

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