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Här finns populärvetenskapliga sammanfattningar på svenska av de avhandlingar som gjorts av medarbetare inom Region Jönköpings län. Avhandlingarna finns i fulltext att låna på sjukhusbiblioteket.


Tomas Bro
Återställandets konst - Svenska frivilliga läkares erfarenheter av militärmedicin i utländska krig 1864–1964

Patrik Nordenfelt
Hereditary Angioedema in Sweden - a National project

Annika Nordin
Expressions of shared interpretations - Intangible outcomes of continuous quality improvement efforts in health- and elderly care

Mikael Ekholm
Haemostatic and inflammatory alterations in hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and the impact of angiotensin II

Greger Olsson
Aspects on the role of prophylatic procedures to influence post-ERCP complication rates

Shariel Sayardoust
The effect of tobacco exposure on bone healing and the osseointegration of dental implants. Clinical and molecular studies

Renate Slind Olsen
Circulating and genetic factors in colorectal cancer: Potential factors for establishing prognosis?

Åsa Jonsson
How to create and analyze a Heart Failure Registry with emphasis on Anemia and Quality of Life

Maria Nord
Levodopa pharmacokinetics – from stomach to brain. A study on patients with Parkinson´s disease

Johanna Norderyd
A biopsychosocial approach to functioning, oral health and specialist dental health care in children with disabilities – Swedish and international perspectives

Charlotta Wikström
The clinical utility of patients self-rated postoperative pain after major surgery - a healthcare professional perspective

Kerstin Eriksson
Postoperative pain assessment and impact on early physical recovery from the patients' perspective

Åsa Wahlin
Periodontal health and disease in two adult populations in Sweden

Helga Hagman
A targeted approach to maintenance of tumour response. Clinical and translational studies in metastatic colorectal cancer

Christina Petersson
Using health-related quality of life instruments for children with long-term conditions: On the basis of a national quality registry system


Sofia Wixe
Regional diversity and economic performance

Britt-Marie Ahlander
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Heart - Image quality, measurement accuracy and patient experience

Anne Fältström
One Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury is enough! Focus on female football players

Catharina Göthberg
On loading protocols and abutment use in implant dentistry. Clinical studies

Patric Karlström
Heart failure: Heart failure: biomarker effect and influence on quality of life

Emma Carlsson
The importance of psychological and physical stressors on diabetes - related immunity in a young population - an interdisciplinary approach

Roland Boij
Aspects of inflammation, angiogenesis and coagulation in preeclampsia

Anna-Lena Sundell
Children with orofacial clefts: dental caries and health-related quality of life

Elisabeth Norén
Genetic variation of tight junction structures in intestinal inflammation


Manne Andersson
Structured management of patients with suspected acute appendicitis

Sara Mernelius
Infection control of Staphylococcus aureus – spa typing to elucidate transmission

Markus Engquist
Surgery versus nonsurgical treatment of cervical radiculopathy

Lisa Crona
The very long-term course of severe depression, with focus on suicidality

Peterson Anette
Learning and understanding for quality improvement under different conditions - An analysis of quality registry-based collaboratives in acute and chronic care


Anke Zbikowski
Counteracting Abuse in Health Care from a Staff Perspective - Ethical Aspects and Practical Implications


Kristina Areskoug Josefsson
Sexual Health in Rheumatoid Arthritis – a physiotherapeutic approach

Rachel De Basso
Influence of genetics and mechanical properties on large arteries in man

Marjorie Godfrey
mprovement Capability at the Front Lines of Healthcare Helping through Leading and Coaching

Fredrik Hammarskjöld
Preventing Infections Related to Central Venous and Arterial Catheters

Helén Isaksson
On Dental Caries and Dental Erosion in Swedish Young Adults

Anders Magnusson
Evaluation of Surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion and orthodontic treatment. Effects on dental, skeletal and nasal structures and rhinological findings

Annette Nygårdh
A quality improvement project on empowerment in chronic kidney care – an interactive research approach

Tomas Ohrlander
Aspects on preoperative evaluation prior to EVAR of AAA

Örjan Skogar
On the effects of Tactile Touch in Parkinson´s Disease patients “The Parkitouch Study”

Lisa Stark
Staphylococcus aureus - aspects of pathogenesis and molecular epidemiology



Alkisti Anastassaki Köhler
On temporomandibular disorders - Time trends, associated factors, treatment need and treatment outcome. 

Noomi Carlsson
A Zero-vision for Children´s Tobacco Smoke Exposure, Tobacco prevention in Child Health care

Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo
angiogenesis from a new perspective

Martin Rejler
A study with special reference to patients' experiences, clinical redesign and performance measurements in a population-based setting

Catarina Sjölander
Consequences for family members of being informal caregivers to a person with advanced cancer

Ola Sunnergren
Obstructive sleep apnea - General characteristics in hypertensive patients, positional sensitivity, and upper airway sensory neuropathy


Sofie Haglund
Interindividual differences in thiopurine metabolism-studies with focus on inflammatory bowel disease

Anna Henningsson
Clinical, Epidemiological and Immunological Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis with Special Focus on the Role of the Complement System

Kalle Landerholm
Clinical and immunohistochemical studies of small bowel carcinoid tumours

Jonas Lindh
Kryptogen Polyneuropati

Berit Munck
Medical technology in palliative home care as experienced by patients, their next-of-kin and district nurses

Rupesh Rajani
Hepatic and Portal Vein Thrombosis – studies on epidemiology and risk factors

Henrik Stjernman
Crohn´s Disease in Sickness and in Health – Studies of Health Assessment Strategies and Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life


Birgitta Bergendal
Oligodontia and ectodermal dysplasia - on signs, symptoms, genetics, and outcomes of dental treatment

Per Brandström
The Swedish Reflux Trial

Dirk Jonker
Self-assessed and direct measured physical workload among dentists in public dental clinics in Sweden during a period of rationalizations

Eva Josefsson
Immigrant background and orthodontic treatment need

Bengt-Olof Nilsson
The Immune System in the Oldest-Old Clinical and Immunological Studies in the NONA Immune Cohort

Bo Rolander
Work conditions, musculoskeletal disorders and productivity of dentists in public dental care i Sweden

Lene Rosendahl
Infarct Size and Myocardial Function, A methodological study (pdf)

Margaretha Stenmarker
Being a Pediatric Oncologist: A Nationwide Study of Personal Resources and Difficulties When Working with Children with Cancer

Malin Stensson
On Oral Health in Young People with Asthma


Sally Hultsjö
Caring for foreign-born persons with psychosis and their families

Annikki Jonsson
Prostate Cancer and Its Influence on Men´s Daily Lives

Eva Maret
Noninvasive evaluation of myocardial ischemia and left ventricular function (pdf)

Eva Mårtenson
Information exchange in paediatric care

Marie Proczkowska-Björklund
The Process of induction with Children (pdf)

Anders Tengblad
Monitoring of blood glucose and obesity in type 2 diabetes in primary care (pdf)


Niklas Bjarnegård
Aspects on wall properties of the brachial artery in man
with special reference to SLE and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (pdf)

Henric Björkman
Alternative Methods for Assessment of Split Renal Function. Uppsala universitet

Björn Börsbo
Relationships between psychological factors, disability, quality of life and health in chronic pain disorders

Per-Olof Gäddlin
Long-term follow-up of very low birthweight children: A prospective study from the southeast region of Sweden

Marcus Lindenberger
Cardiovascular responses to hypovolemic circulatory stress in women

Johnny Nijm
Inflammation and cortisol response in coronary artery disease (pdf)

David Robinsson
Prediction of survival in prostate cancer

Oliver Seifert
Keloids - A fibroproliferative disease (pdf)

Henriettae Ståhlbrandt
Alcohol Use in Swedish Halls of Residence (pdf)

Niklas Zar
Epidemiological Studies of Small
Intestinal Tumoursar (pdf)

Håkan Åstrand
Regulation of aortic wall mechanics and stress


Karin Åkesson
Genetic analysis of type 1 diabetes (pdf)

Fredrik Frisk
Epidemiological Aspects on Apical Periodontitis

Hans Ravn
Popliteal Artery aneurysm Epidemiology, Surgical Management and Outcome


Maria Stendahl
Predictive markers for tamoxifen response in primary breast cancer


Dorte Kjeldmand
The Doctor, the Task and the Group - Balint Groups as a Means of Developing New Understanding in the Physician- Patient Relationsship (pdf)

Andreas Matussek
Molecular and functional analysis of Shiga toxin-induced response patterns in human vascular endothelial cells (pdf)

Peter Ströberg
Erectile Dysfunction in clinical practic (pdf)


Dan Malm
Health related quality of life in patients with pacemakers A descriptive and experimental study

Hans Olsson
In vivo quantification of extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptors in the human brain

Paul Enthoven
Back pain: long-term course and predictive factors

Axel Ros
Cholecystectomy, studies on surgical methods, incidence and economy


Fredrik Petersson
Chronic gastritis in a sample of the general population

Per Bülow
After the mental hospital. A study in the wake of destitutionalisation

Sven-Åke Starck
Methods used in quality assurance and optimization in nuclear medicine imaging and imaging systems

Sara Johansson
Vitamin A and osteoporosis. Clinical and experimental studies

Hans Arvidsson
After the 1995 Swedish mental health care reform - a follow up study of a group of several mentally ill

Märtha Sund Levander
Measurement and evaluation of body temperature: Implications for Clinical practice


Anneli Ohlsson

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