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Learning and innovation – quality for many

A sample of articles on improvement theories and work chosen by the authors are published here with their permission. All of these distinguished persons are fellows of Qulturum and they visited us during the spring 2008 to teach and to share their knowledge and experiences. We were honored to host them and to be able to present them to participants in our seminars, collaboratives and conferences!

Introduction of our quality improvement friends and presentation of the authors (pdf)

Learning and innovation:

Paul Batalden/Julie K Johnson:
Using a Malcolm Baldrige framework to understand high-performing clinical microsystems (pdf)

Linda Headrick:
A Framework for Teaching Medical Students and Residents about Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Synthesized from a Literature Review (pdf)

Eugene Nelson:
Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: A Clinical Improvement Action Guide (pdf)

Microsystems in Health Care: Part 1. Learning from High-Performing Front-Line Clinical Units (pdf)

Lloyd Provost:
Creativity and Improvement: A Vital Link (pdf)

Marjorie Godfrey:
About Clinical Microsystem. From the radio show Conversations on Health Care, nov 7th, 2012.
Marjorie is a national and international leader in designing and implementing improvement strategies in the place where patients, families and care teams meet - in the clinical microsystem. She discusses her strategies for improving the work flow in the clinical care environment by empowering nurse leaders and coaches within the health care system.



Marc Pierson:
Models for Collaboration: How System Dynamics Helped a Community Organize Cost-Effective Care for Chronic Illness (pdf)

SOFI – a webbased tool

Nigel Crisp:
Global healthpartnerships – the UK contribution to health in developing countries (pdf)


Clinical improvement:

Julie K. Johnson
Systems-Based Practice: Improving the Safety and Quality of Patient Care by Recognizing and Improving the Systems in Which We Work (pdf)

Christian von Plessen
Improving the quality of palliative care for ambulatory patients with lung cancer (m fl) (pdf)


Patient safety:

Gaël Morel, René Amalberti:
Human factors: Articulating the Differences Between Safety and Resilience  (pdf)

How good Micro/Macro Ergonomics May Improve Resilience, But Not Necessarily Safety (pdf)

René Amalberti:
Violations and migrations in health care: a framework for understanding and management (pdf)

Five System Barriers to Achieving Ultrasafe Health Care (pdf)

Linda Headrick:
Changing and Sustaining Medical Students' Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes about Patient Safety and Medical Fallibility (pdf)

John Whittington:
Using an Automated Risk Assessment Report to Identify Patients at Risk for Clinical Deterioration (pdf)


Good finances/Reliability:

Helen Bevan:
Reducing Costs and Improving Quality in NHS (pdf)

Maureen Bisognano/Tom Nolan:
Finding the balance between quality and cost (pdf)




Göran Henriks

The History of Quality improvements in Jönköping - read more:

Book In English

The Taste of Water (2011) An anthology about good care, treatment and ethics based on Anne-May Thorson's diary from her time as inpatient in healthcare.


A film about Passion for life

A participant about what she likes with Passion for life

More of our films/videos about improvement work and Patientsafety here!

More videos in English - se A Virtual Site Vsit to Jönköping.

Posters about Self Dialysis

"The Respect Sun" and "The Empowered Independent Dialysis Stair"

The Patient as Co-Creator, from passive care recipients to co-creators

The Clinical Value Compass

Four slides about The Value Compass (pdf)

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