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A Virtual Site Visit to Jönköping and improvements in healthcare

A virtual site tour to Jönköping Healthcare services and Qulturum - center for innovation and improvement, Jönköping County Council. Welcome to examples from new thinking and how we have improved the way we work, leadership, partnership with patients and family, clinical improvements, coaching etc.

A patient story:

The Qulturum Residence

Learning and innovation:

Access and Patient partnership:

A project about partnership with patients:

(See also Colon Cancer project further down)

Prevention/self care:


  • The Esther Project  - from traditional thinking to process thinking in health care, with the patient in mind all the time; a presentation made by project leader Nicoline Wackerberg, 6 min. The Esther thinking is now a part of the daily work with the support of  coaches in every unit.

Meeting places:

''Why Jönköping? Why Qulturum?'' We have asked three partners:

Clinical Improvements:

  • Colon Cancer Project I – a regional project with the aim to improve one of many cancer processes - a short introduction
  • Colon Cancer Project II - a patient's and his wife's view of having participated in the project 2010 - 2012. 
  • Eje Grennborg, instructor is telling about his job as instructor in a team at the Dep. Of Rehab. Medicine.

Patient Safety:

  • Safe care - all the time everywhere - the patient safety work going on within Jönköping healthcare since 2006 with a special focus on 16 areas of improvement. A presentation made by project leader Berit Axelsson, 6:21min

Patient safety and Partnership with patients:




New videos 2015

The Mobile Geriatric team at Ryhov County hospital - English version, 4 min.

A short presentation of the mobile geriatric team at the Ryhov County hospital in Region Jönköping County in the south of Sweden. Advanced specialist care delivered in elderly patient's homes. We follow a physician and a nurse home to a patient aged 88. Recorded spring 2015.

Person Centered Care - Anne Maj - English version, 3,33 min

Anne-Maj T, Jönköping, Sweden, almost died having an operatiaon done at the hospital 13 years ago. Today Anne-Maj comes back to the Intensive Care Unit. Nowadays Anne-Maj shares her experiences from the many visits and long time in the hospital as a patient in a patient safety reference group.

New video 2016

Patient supporter - a new role in healthcare

Meet four of our Patient supporters in Region Jönköping county. April 2016, 5:50 min.

Alternative 1: Subtitles in English. Click on the picture above or here!

Alternative 2: See this video with voice over instead of subtitles when people speak Swedish. Click here for voice over!

Alternative 3: Patient supporter - a 1 minute short version, Click here for short version!


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