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The Room of Dilemmas

Welcome to the room of Coaching dilemmas!

We all know situations in which a group has a difficult choice to be made between two or more alternatives. Here in this room we are collecting ideas, methods, tools, attitudes that can help overcome dilemmas. Maybe you experience a dilemma in your coaching and want to explore it and have a dialogue about it.

We "open" this room with the common dilemma blow and we are building this room together on the way.

Dilemma 1:

How do we coach when the team members don't agree?

How can we coach when groups tend to separate and get stuck in arguments, instead of finding a mutual way ahead?

One way forward may be: Start addressing the purpose of the coaching session. It will be to facilitate progress in the  improvement work, despite completely different opinions of the solution.

  • A helpful method: Polarity mapping

There is a method called Polarity Mapping. Can that be helpful?

Using "polarity thinking" to to achieve sustainable positive outcomes - by Laurie Levknecht, RN.

  • A question for you coach: What else can you do as a coach?













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Share your dilemma in this room!

Send your dilemma as a short text to us and we will publish it on this page and let other reflect upon it. And send your answer to questions on this page.


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