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Here you'll find tips to read more about coaching, especially in Healthcare, caring and Welfare businesses.



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Available at

Norman AC (2015) Towards the creation of learning improvement practices:Studies of pedagogical conditions when change is negotiated in contemporary healthcare practices.(Academic thesis/avhandling) Linneus university press.

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Available at


Books/articles in Swedish

Gjerde, S. (2012) Coaching vad varför hur. Lund: Studentlitteratur. In Swedish.

Lätt, C. (2009) Att coacha grupper. Fokusera på gruppens positiva krafter. Malmö: Liber.
(In Swedish) To get also as an ebook/in Swedish.

Wiklund, P. (2010) Handbok för smartare möten. In Swedish. Utgiven av Stockholm: Redaktionen 2010













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