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The World's Most Connected Person at the Microsystem Festival 2018 - Register now!

You are invited to join us at the 15th International Microsystem Festival, which will take place in Jönköping, Sweden: Feb 27-March 2, 2018.

Symbol for the Microsystem Festival 2018: Infinity Loop
Anniversary Theme: Micromastery

At the Festival, you will meet new-thinkers in health- and socialcare. People who question old thoughts and have courage to try new things. You will meet practitioners, theorists, authors, researchers, that above all, are convinced that the main source for change is within our own mind.
In order to find new solutions, we need to look at the existing problems with new eyes. By meeting and sharing perspectives with others, this is possible.

Program & Registration

Please visit our website where you will find more information about this year’s program and lecturers.

Registration for the Microsystem Festival is open until:
Friday February 16, 2018.

We look forward to your participation!


This year we once again welcome several national and international experts. Göran Henriks (Region Jönköping County, Sweden) and Helen Bevan (NHS, UK) will join us and share their view on "Connectivism: Building mastery in connecting". Marjorie Godfrey (the Darthmouth Institute, USA) and Julie Johnson (Northwestern University, USA) will give a mini course on the topic "Micromastery and Micro-mesosystem Improvement".

We will also among many others be visited by Chris Dancy, touted "The World's Most Connected Person" who will share an intimate look of how the healthcare sector is responding the emergence of not only a new set of technologies but a new set of patients, the rise of the cyborg.

Also, Stefan Liljegren, emergency coordinator, head of mission and a board member for Doctors Without Borders will tell us about his experience of being the manager of "ELWA 3” what came to be the world's largest hospital for Ebola patients in Monrovia, Liberia in 2014.

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